How to solve the effective method to prevent the reverse co

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 How to solve the effective method to prevent the reverse connection of DC notebook power supply? Power is an important part of the PCB board, and each chip requires power supply. The chip is actually quite fragile. As long as it is positive or negative, most of them will hang. I believe that many people have a painful experience. I am no exception. From the beginning to now, it is estimated that hundreds of RMB have been scrapped. Most of the reverse connection situations can be avoided, so we need to find ways to prevent reverse power connection.
There are 4 ways to solve the reverse connection of DC notebook power input, as follows:
One: 1 diode in series. The advantage is that the circuit is simple and reliable. But there is a voltage drop of 0.7V;
Two: Full bridge with 4 diodes connected in series. The advantage is that the power supply can work normally regardless of the positive and negative connections. The disadvantage is to lose 1.2V ~ 1.4V voltage;
Three: MOS tube type anti-reverse protection circuit. The MOS tube is connected in series between the power supply and the load through the S pin and the D pin. The resistor Rg provides a voltage bias for the MOS tube. The switching characteristics of the MOS tube are used to control the conduction and disconnection of the circuit, thereby preventing the power supply from being reverse Damage caused by the load. Solve the problems of the existing voltage drop and excessive power consumption of the diode power supply anti-reverse solution;
Four: Series self-recovery insurance, a diode in parallel with the positive and negative poles of the power supply behind the insurance. Advantages There is no loss of input voltage. The disadvantage is higher cost. Of course, the self-recovery insurance can also be replaced by ordinary fuses. Although the material cost is reduced in this way, the maintenance cost is greatly increased.
Under normal circumstances, the DC power input anti-reverse protection circuit uses the unidirectional conductivity of the diode to achieve anti-reverse protection.        

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