Why use Type-c power supply, what are the benefits of using

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   Why use Type-c power supply, what are the benefits of using Type-c power supply? The PD agreement leads the type-c power supply market. USB Type-C is active everywhere in today ’s digital product market. Apple ’s newly released acBook pro in June is equipped with a USB PD charger. Xiaomi also launched a USB PD charging MiBook in July this year. The actual measurement found that Samsung NOTE7 also supports the PD protocol. In PD charging mode, the power can reach up to 24W, far exceeding its standard charger of 15W.
Whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone, it is a general trend to use Type-C as a charging port. If you often travel with a laptop, you will find that you need two chargers, one that supports the USB PD standard to charge the laptop and one that supports fast charging for mobile phones. Is there a charger that can support multiple protocols? Such products on the market are rare. In addition to the choice of original products, the Feitian Eagle typec super fast charging adapter is strongly recommended to everyone. It supports the USB PD protocol and has a maximum output of 45W. It can be devices that support the USB PD protocol such as Apple MacBook series, Xiaomi notebook Air, Nintendo Switch, Fast charging is available for mobile phones that support the USB PD charging protocol.
Why use a Type-c charger?
Benefits: Because it charges fast, is safe, and the quality is guaranteed. So why do Type-c chargers have so many benefits? Please follow my steps.
First introduce the function characteristics of the Type-c charger: 5V3A 15V3A 12V3A 9V3A 20V2.5A ultra-fast fast charging PD2.0 fast charging protocol · 45W high power · five charging voltages · compatible with QC3.0 equipment, truly in line with PD Fast charge protocol, support over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, under-voltage, short circuit, six-level energy efficiency. The single-port output up to 15V3A fully meets the Switch, and the Nintendo Switch game console quickly charges, which is consistent with the original charging speed. Xiaomi Notebook Air 13.3-inch 1 hour 55 minutes, the new MacBook 12-inch 1 hour 56 minutes, Xiaomi MIX 2 hours 03 minutes. How about the function is not very powerful! And small and easy to carry.
Type-C adapters are becoming more and more popular in the real world. USB type-c devices are also becoming more and more popular in the real world. Many popular mobile phones and tablets use USB type-c interfaces. I expect that the products that use the USB Type-C interface will increase rapidly in the next few years.
The normal power of the previous mobile phone power adapter was 5V / 2A or lower. Because of the simplicity, the opto-isolator and programmable reference can be eliminated, and primary-side regulation (PSR) is often used for AC / DC conversion. Because the load current is not high, a diode rectifier is used at this power level.      

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