Why choose a high-power adjustable power supply?

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Why choose a high-power adjustable power supply? 
Why choose Shenzhen Weidayuan's high-power adjustable power supply? Our company's high-power switching DC stabilized power supply has small size, high efficiency, high voltage stabilization and precision, good electromagnetic compatibility, complete protection function, long service life. High-power high-frequency switching power supply is mainly used in post, telecommunications, communications, Electric power, instrumentation, semiconductor refrigeration and heating, medical equipment, DC motor factory motor running-in process, resistor factory resistance aging, automotive air conditioning motor test, capacitor factory capacitor empowerment, electroplating factory electroplating process, and colleges, laboratory aviation And other occasions.
Our company's high-power adjustable switching power supply adopts domestic advanced full-bridge phase-shifting soft switching technology, using IGBTs from German Siemens, fast recovery diodes from Motorola from the United States, and ultra-microcrystalline magnetic cores from Japan. Adjustable switching power supply ranging from tens of watts to hundreds of kilowatts, high-power switching power supply, etc., with multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, short circuit, etc., can realize remote control or near control, voltage and current can be adjusted arbitrarily , Its products are small in size, high in efficiency, safe and reliable, long in service life, small in electromagnetic radiation, energy saving and environmental protection, and can meet the needs of different customers.
The high-power DC switching power supply adopts the switching power supply technology without power frequency transformer, so it has AC and DC compatible input functions, and the input voltage range is wide. The high-power adjustable constant voltage DC switching power supply adopts advanced switching DC power supply control technology and components And careful design, the whole machine is small in size, light in weight and high in efficiency, ensuring the stability and reliability of long-term full-load operation. NHZL series DC stabilized switching power supply has perfect protection function. The high-power DC power supply has a built-in temperature-controlled cooling fan, which can effectively dissipate heat and extend the life of the fan; overheating automatic shutdown protection; high-frequency switching power supply output overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection. Power-on delay soft start to avoid power-on output voltage overshoot power supply is widely used in power DC screen system, industrial control, communications, scientific research, battery charging and other equipment.
Working principle of high-power DC switching power supply: AC power input is rectified and filtered into DC; high-power switching power supply controls the switching tube through high-frequency PWM (pulse width modulation) signal, which DC is added to the primary of the switching transformer; secondary of the switching transformer High-frequency voltage is induced and supplied to the load through rectification and filtering; the output part of the high-power switching power supply is fed back to the control circuit through a certain circuit to control the PWM duty cycle to achieve the purpose of stable output. When AC power is input, it usually passes through a DRC, etc., to filter out the interference on the power grid, and also filter out the interference of the power supply to the power grid; at the same power, the higher the switching frequency, the smaller the size of the switching transformer. However, the higher the requirements for the switching tube; the secondary of the high-power switching power supply switching transformer can have multiple windings or one winding with multiple taps to obtain the required output; generally, some protection circuits should be added, such as no-load Short circuit protection, otherwise it may burn the switching power supply.         

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