How to choose a suitable power adapter manufacturer?

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How to choose a suitable power adapter manufacturer? How to choose the power adapter manufacturer, this problem is indeed a question that needs to be carefully considered for friends who have just touched the switching power supply. I am worried about choosing a bad adapter manufacturer, the money is given, and the goods are not ready. He can redo you fortunately, but it is also a delay. When encountering some bad adapter manufacturers, they may still talk to you It hurts even more.
For the choice of power adapter manufacturers, here are a few suggestions for your reference:
1, very cheap do not choose:
The explanation is as follows: the cost of the power adapter = shell injection molding fee + SMT, AI process fee + transformer manufacturing fee + wire manufacturing fee + safety certification fee + packaging material + freight. These are very transparent. The cost of the adapter is almost the same, which is significantly lower than the market price. One possibility: there is no safety certification; the second: the materials / components are made of recycled materials.
2. Suppliers who only understand sales do not choose:
The explanation is as follows: prepare the order, recruit a few wiring ladies, and do a lot of online promotion to open it. These often hurt buyers. Most of the wiring ladies do not understand how to design a good solution for customers, only the unit price. How to choose a design and development adapter can meet the needs of customers; how to make it can be cost-effective; what kind of adapter is in different products; these are unable to answer accurately. I only know that cheap adapters are recommended; such adapters are low-cost, but they will cause more trouble in the future.
3. Select a production-oriented power adapter supplier:
The explanation is as follows: The production-oriented power adapter suppliers generally have been engaged in this industry for more than 10 years, and they are also users. They have rich practical experience and have a good understanding and mastery of product quality and performance. We will recommend products with good cost performance that suit customers' needs, and choose convenient and practical accessories.       
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