What are the benefits of a transformer?

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What are the benefits of a transformer? Come and learn about the anti-theft technology of the transformer! At present, the majority of rural power customers live in scattered areas, and the rural power supply network is relatively weak. The nature of rural electricity determines the number of rural distribution transformers, the number of rural irrigation and drainage facilities, the area is wide, the line length is unclear, there are heavy use and light maintenance. The phenomenon that leads to the theft and destruction of transformers often occurs. Therefore, strengthening the operation and maintenance management of rural distribution transformers and ensuring their safe operation is an important task in the safe production of power companies, and it also improves the reliability of rural power supply. As a means, it is also a requirement for high-quality power supply services. For the anti-theft of transformers, the transformer anti-theft early warning system is currently a reliable and efficient way.
The wireless monitoring and alarm host of the transformer anti-theft early warning system (TLKS-PE) is installed on the pole of the monitored power line or next to the transformer. Once the power line or transformer is stolen, three-phase disconnected or blacked out, the monitoring and alarm host will immediately detect and use wireless GSM Short message and voice alarm to GSM receiving host. After receiving the alarm signal, the receiving host transmits the data to the microcomputer. The microcomputer analyzes and judges the alarm host and the line that may be faulty after the alarm software. The screen displays the alarm date, time, and alarm. Extension number, faulty transformer and possible faulty line, and the actual location of the alarm transformer and faulty line is displayed in electronic map mode, and the alarm data is stored in the database for query. The duty leader immediately dispatched police forces to the scene to check the situation and deal with related issues after receiving the alarm.
One: The composition of the transformer anti-theft early warning system:
1. Transformer anti-theft alarm host: GSM (900M / 1800MHz) wireless cellular network control alarm host uses GSM short message data transmission mode and voice function platform to complete remote transmission and control of intelligent alarm data. This series of hosts has practical functions, excellent quality, and work. Stable and reliable features, suitable for outdoor use in various environments, widely used in power, oil, mining and other electrical equipment working in outdoor security protection. Because of the wide coverage area of ​​GSM global wireless mobile communication network signals, it has truly achieved low prices and high quality. The ultra-long-distance convenient and flexible intelligent wireless control and alarm solves the limitations of fixed-line wired or wireless high-power alarm control;
2. GSM receiving host: The GSM short message and voice receiving host mainly completes the conversion of GSM short message data and voice dialing into the standard RS232 serial port communication protocol function, and connects to a computer through the RS232 serial port to form an alarm center;
3. Alarm center software: The alarm software is a professional comprehensive alarm information receiving platform. It is the first in China to use GSM network short message (SMS) and voice and fixed-line network voice to receive alarm information. It is used in the police alarm center on duty. It integrates alarm reception, user database, GSM short message, alarm voice phone alarm, instant printing of alarm data, and other functions. Its display interface is intuitive, visual, and friendly. It does not require professional operation knowledge, nor does it require professional operators. Learning is fast and easy to use.
Second: the functional characteristics of the transformer anti-theft warning system:
1. It has the function of phase failure alarm, intelligent detection of three-phase electrical phase, can accurately judge and report the abnormal situation of phase A, B, and C, which is more reliable and accurate than the traditional voltage detection method, and the false alarm rate is extremely low;
2. With two wired infrared alarms (dual-monitor infrared);
3. Four-line disconnection switch alarm (transformer vibration alarm, transformer displacement alarm, alarm host tamper alarm, alarm host vibration alarm);
4, with four controlled 12V power supplies, two 5V controlled ready to join;
5, with attendance function;
6, with battery alarm;
7, with built-in alarm tamper switch;
8. With GSM channel and data transmission module;
9, with a switch to detect battery heat;
10. Integrated equipment, in order to adapt to the installation, make a good installation hole.
Three: The main technical indicators of the transformer anti-theft early warning system:
1. Communication method: industrial-grade 900 / 1800MHz GSM module;
2. Alarm mode: GSM Chinese SMS;
3. Standby power consumption: ≤ 2W;
4. Siren volume: greater than 110 dB;
5. Grid connection mode: Y-shaped, three-phase four-wire system, single-phase rated working voltage: AC220V; single-phase minimum working voltage: AC110V; single-phase maximum working voltage: AC270V.
6. Backup battery: 7.4V / 5000mAH (polymer battery); 7.4 / 8000mAH (optional); battery alarm voltage: 6.0V.
7, anti-electromagnetic interference: IEC55022;
8. Insulation class: Class B;
9. Protection level: IP55;
10. Working environment: temperature -30 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃; humidity ≤95% without condensation;
11. Appearance: aluminum die-casting, fully sealed, waterproof;
12. Size: 290 × 180 × 130 (mm);
The launch of the anti-theft early warning system for power transformers has greatly enhanced the healthy and stable operation of line facilities, practically guaranteed the safe and reliable power consumption of the majority of rural users, and facilitated the healthy development of township enterprises and other users.       
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