Shenzhen power adapter manufacturers share: What are the two

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 Shenzhen power adapter manufacturers share: What are the two main types of power adapters?
Shenzhen power adapter manufacturers share: What are the two main types of power adapters? Shenzhen Weidayuan is a professional power adapter research and development manufacturer, a national high-tech enterprise, producing various small household appliance chargers, balance car chargers, mining machine power supplies, USB chargers, and QC3.0 and Type-c pd charging Devices, various specifications, certified power supplies, welcome to come to consult. What are the two categories of power adapters?
The power adapter can be divided into two categories: AC / DC and DC / DC. The DC / DC converter as a secondary power supply is now modularized, and the design technology and production process have matured and standardized at home and abroad, and have been obtained. User approval? However, due to its own characteristics, the primary power supply AC / DC encountered more complicated technical problems and process manufacturing problems in the process of modularization? The structure and characteristics of the two types of power adapters are explained below.
1: DC / DC power adapter:
DC / DC type power adapter converts a fixed DC voltage into a variable DC voltage, also known as a DC chopper? There are two working modes of the DC / DC power adapter wave converter: one is that the pulse width modulation mode T is unchanged and the frequency modulation mode t is changed (general); the other is that the frequency modulation mode t is unchanged and the T is changed (easy to generate interference) ? Its specific circuit has the following 4 categories:
(1): Buck circuit—a buck chopper, whose average output voltage Uo is less than the input voltage UD, with the same polarity in and out;
(2): Boost circuit-boost chopper, the average output voltage Uo is greater than the input voltage UD, the polarity is the same;
(3): Buck-Boost circuit step-down or boost chopper, whose average output voltage Uo is greater than or less than the input voltage;
(4) Cuk circuit—a buck or boost chopper, whose average output voltage Uo is greater than or less than the input voltage UD, the polarity of the input and output is opposite, and the inductance is transmitted.
2: AC / DC converter of power adapter:
The AC / DC converter converts AC to DC. Can its power and current flow be bidirectional? The conversion of power current to the load is called "rectification", and the power current transmitted from the load to the power source is called "active inverter"? The AC / DC converter input is 50 / 60Hz AC. Must it be rectified? Filtering, relatively large filter electrolytic capacitors are relatively essential? At the same time, due to safety issues such as UL? CCEE and other standards and EMC directive restrictions (such as IEC? FCC? CSA), AC input must be added EMC filtering and use of components that meet safety standards, thus limiting the size of the AC / DC power supply further miniaturization?
Also, due to internal high frequencies? high pressure? The high-current switching action makes it more difficult to solve the EMC problem, which also places high requirements on the design of the internal high-density mounting circuit? For the same reason, high voltage? High-current switching makes the power supply work loss increase, limiting the modularization process of the AC / DC converter? Therefore, the optimization design method of the power supply system must be adopted to make its work efficiency reach a certain degree of satisfaction. AC / DC converters can be divided into half-wave circuits and full-wave circuits according to the circuit connection mode; according to the control characteristics of the circuit, they can be divided into uncontrollable? Three types of semi-control and full control; can be divided into single-phase according to the number of power phases? Three-phase and multi-phase; can be divided into one quadrant according to the working quadrant of the circuit? Two quadrants? Three and four quadrants.      
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