How to use the universal charger and precautions

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How to use the universal charger and precautions
1. First, when the universal charger is not energized, adjust the position of the shrapnel according to the positive and negative poles of the battery, insert the battery so that the battery pole pieces are in good contact with the shrapnel, and then press the "test" button. The other lights are not on), the polarity of the mark is correct; if the "charge" light is on, it means the polarity is reversed. Press the "changeover" self-lock switch to change the polarity, and then press the "test" button to confirm that the polarity is correct. can.
2. Plug in the power supply, the "Power" and "Saturation" lights are on. After the battery is installed, the "Charging" light (red) is on, charging starts, and the "Saturation" light is off.
3. When fully charged, the "saturation" light will gradually light up until the "charging" light is off, the "saturation" light is fully on, and charging is complete; if it is not used urgently, to ensure the best charging effect, continue to trickle charge for 1-2 hours .
1. Do not place the charger in a humid or hot environment.
2. There will be a certain amount of heat during use. At normal room temperature, it is normal for the heat to not exceed 60 ° C, and it will not damage the battery.
1. Never charge non-rechargeable batteries.
2. If the battery polarity is reversed or the output is short-circuited, turning on the power will easily damage the charger.      

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