Source history of all-around laptop chargers

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Source history of all-around laptop chargers
An all-round charger is like a universal charger. In fact, a universal charger is just a universal mobile phone battery charger. It can only charge various types of mobile phone batteries. As for laptops, tablets, MP4, and other digital devices commonly used in life, It can't be charged, it's not really omnipotent, but the all-around charger can charge these. Universal charger can charge, universal charger can charge (such as various types of mobile phone batteries), universal charger can not charge, universal charger can also charge (such as various types of notebook computers and other digital products).
But the all-around charger is not really all-around, even the world's first charger Acharger (owned by AATUU) has to admit that cars, electric cars, etc. can't be charged. The all-round charger can only be regarded as an all-round digital charger extended from the laptop charger (but according to the relevant person in charge of Acharger, they are now developing compatible solar charging and wireless charging technology). In simple terms, the following formula can be used to illustrate the all-around charger: All-around charger = universal charger + universal laptop charger + mobile phone charger + USB charger + MP4 charger ...      

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