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Weidayuan Technology talked about what should be paid attention to when using the power adapter?
  We need to pay attention to the power adapter when using it. Its model, power, output, etc. all need attention. Next, the editor of Weidayuan Technology will explain to you in detail what problems you should pay attention to when using the power adapter ?
  The power adapter usually has a label attached. Here is the information we can get on the sticker.
  The first is the model of the power adapter. For example, the model of this power adapter is WDY-1200100. It tells us several information, such as its manufacturer, wattage, and so on. Code, 1200100 means that this adapter is 12V, 100 means 1A
  Second, the INPUT (input) of the power adapter, the common voltage in China is 100-240V ~ frequency 50 / 60Hz, which means that this power adapter can work normally under the voltage of 100V-240V;
  Third, it is the OUTPUT (output) of the power adapter. Two numbers can quickly calculate the wattage of the power adapter. For example, the power supply, the voltage 12V current 1A = 12W (power), indicating that this power supply is a 12W power adapter.
General laptop computers are suitable for 100 ~ 240V AC (50 / 60Hz). And most of the laptops basically use external power adapters. Only a few computers have built-in power adapters. External power adapters can reduce the weight of the case.      

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