What are the causes of the explosion caused by the 12V1A pow

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What are the causes of the explosion caused by the 12V1A power adapter?
    Today, the editor of Weidayuan Technology will tell you what are the reasons for the explosion caused by the 12V1A power adapter? What should I pay attention to in the future use or purchase process?
       1. The 12v power adapter and charger products have poor heat dissipation;
       2. The quality of the core of the power transformer is poor;
       3. The quality of 12v power adapter IC or charger power device is poor;
       4, 12v power adapter product parameter design is not reasonable;
       5.12v power adapter production process is bad.
       Therefore, when purchasing power adapters, chargers, adapters, please look for regular brand power supplies and manufacturers to avoid loss of personal safety and property safety caused by the explosion.      

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