What are the three main points of power adapter selection?

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 What are the three main points of power adapter selection?
We have some methods and tips when choosing a power adapter. Next, the editor of Weidayuan Technology will tell you what the three main points of power adapter selection are.
One: The interface of the power adapter must match the device. There is no need to explain this. This is a matter of common sense. Unmatched interfaces are definitely not available.
Second: The output voltage must be consistent with the rated input voltage of the mobile device, or within the acceptable voltage range of the device, otherwise the device may be burned. In this regard, why should the voltage be consistent? That is because the voltage is insufficient to drive the load and the device cannot be charged normally.
Third: The output current of the power adapter is at least equal to the current of the device in order to provide sufficient power. In this regard, many people know that there is internal resistance in the power adapter, and the larger the internal resistance, the greater the corresponding loss. So when manufacturers produce power adapters, they will adjust the power according to the size of the internal resistance. adapter. Generally, the larger the nominal value of the current, the better the performance of the power adapter, so in general, choosing a current slightly larger than the adapter will not damage the device, which will also make charging faster.     
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