What are the misunderstandings of charging mobile phones in

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What are the misunderstandings of charging mobile phones in the car? How to use the car power adapter?
More and more people are joining the queue of the heads-up group. For severe mobile phone control, the lack of power on the mobile phone is the "end of the world." The USB interface in the car is simply a savior, but charging in the car is not as simple as everyone imagines. Today I will talk about the misunderstandings of charging the mobile phone in the car.
One: USB interface can charge?
There are many cars' USB interface for transmitting audio data. The current of the USB interface of the car is 5v / 2.1A, and also 5V / 0.5A. And the input current required by many mobile phones is 5V / 1A, and 5v / 2.1A car USB is of course no problem. At this time, it can input 1A current to the mobile phone and 2A current to the tablet. If it is 5V / 0.5A, it will be obvious that the current will not meet the standard. In this case, charging the mobile phone will not only take a long time, but also make the phone hot.
2: Do you need to charge the car when it is off?
The car charger is a car power adapter. One can change the 12V of the cigarette lighter to 5V of the USB, which can charge mobile phones and tablets. There is also a type that can convert the 12V DC of the cigarette lighter to 220V AC, and connect it with a plug-in board It can then be used on low-power appliances. However, there is no need to pull the car charger as soon as the flame is turned off, because as long as no electronic devices such as mobile phones, iPads, etc. are connected, it has no current output, even if there is, it can be ignored.
Three: the car charger USB interface is more current?
It is estimated that only those who are "stupid and sweet" and not good at physics will believe it. After all, I have learned I (current) = U (voltage) / R (resistance) in middle school, so the magnitude of current and voltage It does matter, as for how many USB interfaces are connected, it has no effect on it at all.
Four: just buy a car charger and use it?
Now that the auto parts market is mixed, there will inevitably be some merchants who don't pay attention to quality and only want to make money, such as selling low-current cars as high-current sellers. In the process of charging the car charger from the cigarette lighter to convert the vehicle's 12V voltage to 5V, it needs to go through multiple steps such as voltage stabilization, rectification, overload protection, etc. If you use inferior original parts and materials, it is easy to cause short circuit or even self-ignition Case. It does n’t matter if a car is charged, because it ruins your phone or even destroys it. Although the car charger is not high-tech, it is still true or false. Therefore, power adapter manufacturers remind you to choose power adapter products not to covet small and cheap.
Don't look at the car power adapter is a small object. When you buy, you still have to pay attention to the voltage and current of the supporting equipment. For example, the standard input voltage of general portable and handheld terminal products is 5V / 700MA, while the iPhone is 5V. / 1A. The output voltage varies from car to car. For example, the output voltage of a car is 12V and that of a truck is 24V. Therefore, the universal vehicle power adapter is suitable for 12V cars, while the vehicle inverter type is suitable for trucks.      
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