Phone charger type

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Phone charger type
Mobile phone chargers can be roughly divided into travel chargers, cradle chargers, USB chargers, and maintenance chargers. The USB phone chargers that users generally contact are the first two. The most sold on the market are travel chargers. There are many types of travel chargers. Commonly available are cheap duck-type mini travel chargers, common desktop card-type chargers, and high-end desktop charging with LCD displays Device. Given that the vast majority of mobile phone users are non-professional users, the charger basically has full auto-stop function, and most travel chargers are fast chargers, charging emergency chargers. Mobile phone charger time is about 1-3 hours. Many chargers on the market claim to use microcomputer control, including some very cheap duck egg mini travel chargers. In fact, they are strictly analyzed from the charging circuit. Only a small number of chargers can be truly microcomputer controlled (single-chip control). .
Some manufacturers use the integration block on the charging circuit to call themselves "microcomputer control". In fact, many low-cost designs use integrated blocks that are cheap op amp integration blocks, while some dedicated charging control integration blocks have higher unit prices. , Generally used in relatively high-end or brand-name chargers. So we cannot trust the so-called microcomputer control, especially the cheap products. Many products have similar appearances, but the internal circuits are very different, and their performance is also very different.      

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