The choice of mobile phone charger?

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The choice of mobile phone charger?
The quality of the cheap charger is definitely not good. I dare not charge the original charger. I am afraid that the original charger will be damaged. For a block charger of 5 yuan, there is definitely a problem with the charging current and the charging voltage. Buying for 5 yuan is impossible in terms of cost. Some people have done experiments. The ordinary charger, whether it is a seat charger or a line charger, the charging voltage will be higher than 4.2V. The standard charging limit voltage should be 4.2V. Charge early, and you need to pay attention.
For the charger, the reliability of the charger is better, because it is not in direct contact with the mobile phone circuit, and the line charger is not easy to talk about, because the line charger is inserted into the mobile phone to charge, you must pass the mobile phone circuit to detect Off, long-term online charging may cause damage to the circuit board of the mobile phone.
And ordinary chargers often lack protection circuits for current interruption, current limiting, and voltage stabilization, so in general, if you want to charge your mobile phone, it is best to use the original charger; when it is not the original, look for a larger brand Charger. For the use of the dock charger, you can charge the battery, because it will not cause harm to the mobile phone, but if used for a long time, the battery life will be shortened.
However, this shortened time is not a day or two. You can use it with confidence, just don't overcharge it. Furthermore, even if the phone is switched off when using the line charger, it will consume power because it is turned on. This will make the charger take longer to charge and easily damage the line charger and the battery.
If possible, use the original charger to charge the phone as much as possible!      

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