talks about whether the power adapter can be universal?

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 Weidayuan Technology talks about whether the power adapter can be universal?
  For many consumers, it is impossible to distinguish between different voltages, powers, and models. Can I use the same power adapter? The editor of Weidayuan Technology tells you the answer.
  You can use it like this. First, the most important point is that the output voltage of the two power adapters is the same. Second, although the latter adapter has a nominal output of 4.62A, which is about 1.3A larger than the previous 3.34A, this current refers to the continuous maximum output. Current, the output current of the power supply is not always the same, it will be adjusted automatically according to the weight of the load. When the load is heavy, such as using a computer while charging, the output current of the power adapter will increase significantly, even in a short time Exceed the marked output (such as greater than 3.34A), after the battery is fully charged, the power consumption will be significantly reduced (below 3.34A, even only tens of mA of current (sleep current)), instead, use a power adapter with an output of 19.5V, 4.62A More conducive to extending the life of the adapter, of course, because of its smooth output, better for the computer. There is a premise that this power adapter must be a regular product.    

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