Electroless Capacitor Drivers Longer LED Lamps

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  Electroless Capacitor Drivers Longer LED Lamps
Dimmable light-emitting diode (LED) drivers that eliminate electrolysis and capacitance have begun to emerge in the market. Under the major breakthrough in technology, the recent dimmable and capacitive dimmable LED driver solutions have been rushed out, which will help further increase the life of LED lamps and reduce the overall bill of materials (BOM) cost of LED drivers.
Yan Zongfu, director of fast technology marketing, said that electroless and capacitive dimmable LED drivers not only improve service life and efficiency, but also reduce the size and cost of LED drivers.
Yan Zongfu, director of technology marketing at Fairchild, said that with the ban on the prohibition and the ban on incandescent lamps, the LED bulbs below 30 watts are expected to replace the demand for traditional incandescent lamps and halogen lamps; to increase the service life and efficiency of LED bulbs. LED lamp system developers have demanded that LED drivers comply with the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) harmonic current specification EN61000 for power factor correction (PFC). The electroless and capacitive adjustable LED driver is the best way to achieve this standard.
Yan Zongfu further analyzed that LED lighting fixtures must operate at temperatures as high as 80~100 °C. However, electrolysis and capacitors are easy to dry at high temperatures, resulting in a working life of no more than several thousand hours. If a built-in electrolytic and capacitor dimmable driver is used, Lead to a significant decline in the life of LED lighting fixtures. Therefore, the dimmable LED driver solution that eliminates electrolysis and capacitance has always been a product developed by power semiconductor manufacturers, but the technical threshold is high and progress is slow.
However, since the second half of 2011, semiconductor industry companies have gradually broken through the technical bottlenecks, including semiconductor manufacturers such as Maxim and Express, which have introduced dimmable and capacitor dimmable LED driver solutions. Yan Zongfu pointed out that the fast-release non-isolated and isolated dimmable LED drivers are free of electrolysis and capacitance. The difference between the two is that the non-isolated type uses a buck architecture, while the isolated type uses a reverse-chirping architecture with a fast patent. The IC circuit technology TRUECURRENT Calculation is used to achieve a precise constant current/control of ±5%, thereby increasing the PFC.
Lin Yiyuan, senior manager of the Fast Technology Marketing Department, stressed that most of the industry currently uses isolated tunable drivers to develop isolated dimmable drivers. However, to achieve electroless and capacitors, the biggest challenge lies in the design of the IC; Technology overcomes technical barriers and has become one of the few suppliers of isolated dimmable LED drivers that can supply electroless and capacitors.      

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