The main method of LED control combined with AC power suppl

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 The main method of LED control combined with AC power supply
At present, the AC power combination control method mainly includes the following:
1. The primary side feedback power supply. This technology is used to drive small-power LED lamps and is transplanted with the original primary feedback charger switching power supply. This part of the AC drive has not changed specifications due to LED applications, and there are many models to choose from. In addition to the limited size, there is no essential difference between the design and the switching power supply. It is reasonable to use the LED.
2. High-power isolated lighting power supply. In this technology, LED drivers are all designed with switching power supplies. No company has ever introduced AC-driven devices for LEDs. Isolated power supplies are switching power supplies. Basically, it can be asserted that the switching power supply is the LED-AC driver, which is also one of the main application methods;
3. Non-isolated LED drive power. The non-isolated LED driver introduces more targeted power technology, which is worthy of recognition. It is a direction of LED power supply. Isolation safety mainly depends on the design of the creepage gap with the casing. It does not stipulate that the LED power supply must be isolated and the output voltage value is not limited. The key is which isolation is safer. Non-isolated has the advantages of high driving efficiency, and combined with the structure can also design high quality, safe and efficient LED products.
4. SCR dimming compatible power supply. The technology is special in application and limited in number and is a transitional technology.
In the current mainstream AC power market, the focus is on the first three items. Non-isolated technology has developed rapidly. The first two isolated LED driver designs are all transplanted switching power supply chips, which essentially do not leave the original mode of the switching power supply. Although experts and scholars of various companies are working on LED lighting power supply research, the current technology is still in the switching power supply stage. For this reason, the main research focus of LED lighting power supply should be placed in the secondary DC section, combining constant voltage switching power supply with distributed constant current technology.      

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