Friends go to Lhasa without electricity, local police room i

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Friends go to Lhasa without electricity, local police room is equipped with power adapter
        As a famous tourist city, Tibet Lhasa receives thousands of tourists every year. As tourists generally carry electronic devices such as smart phones and digital cameras. In order to prevent visitors from using the power adapter charger, they can not be used when the mobile phone or camera is powered off. The 154 convenience police stations in the urban area of ​​Lhasa have been installed.
Power Adapter 
A battery charger is provided for emergency use by visitors.
      It is understood that these unified configuration of the multi-function charger looks like a small box.
Power Adapter 
Not only can you charge your favorite mobile electronic devices such as smartphones, digital cameras, and tablets like USB chargers, but you can also charge electric bicycles. The citizens of Lhasa and the tourists who travel to Lhasa can go to the nearest convenience police station for free 24 hours a day.
      Due to the current lack of battery life, such as smart phones, digital cameras and tablets. It is easy for visitors to go out and the phone or camera is out of power. Without a charger, visitors will not be able to communicate with the outside world or take pictures of the scenery and take them home. The director of the Linjiao North Road Convenience Police Station said that since it was equipped
Power Adapter 
After the multi-function convenient battery charger, it is convenient for the general public and tourists, and there is no need to worry that the electronic equipment carried will be out of power at any time.
      According to reports, from the beginning of this month, the 154 convenience police stations in the urban area of ​​Lhasa have all installed convenience chargers. At present, the chargers in the station provide charging services to thousands of tourists every day, which has been widely welcomed by people. It is reported that the convenience of the civilian police detachment to introduce this new convenience measure is to better serve the people by combining the "seven duties".        

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