Common sense of computer cable

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Common sense of computer cable
The computer cable is a cable that connects various external devices to the host computer, and is divided into a display cable, a power cable, and a data cable. The power cord is mainly to supply power to the device and to charge the battery. The display cable is used to connect the host graphics card output port or the motherboard display output port to the display input port. Computer cable, data cable is mainly connected to external input, output or storage device through computer serial port and parallel port and USB interface to achieve mutual information. For example, printer and computer need printer USB cable, mobile phone and computer connection need mobile phone USB cable and many more.
Display Cable The monitor cable includes a data cable that connects the host to the display and a power cable that connects to the power supply.
Common data cable types are: HDMI cable, VGA cable, DVI cable. There is also a DP cable for notebooks! See the monitor cable for details!
Computer cable
Common types of power cables are: the interface has three pins and two pin types.        

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