China's switching power supply industry output value reached

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China's switching power supply industry output value reached 117.2 billion yuan
According to the released “2012-2020 China Switching Power Supply Industry In-depth Evaluation and Investment Prospect Forecast Report”, since 2010, with the implementation of a series of national macro policies and the stabilization of the global economy, China’s electronic information products have shown rapid The momentum of recovery. China's switching power supply industry has taken advantage of the trend, the output value reached 117.2 billion yuan, an increase of more than 10%. According to electronics industry analysts, switching power supplies have many advantages, such as miniaturization, light weight, wide input voltage range, and low heat consumption. In addition, the development trend of switching power supplies has rapidly replaced the development of switching power supplies. The field of electronic products.
There are two types of switching power supply products: one is standardized products and the other is non-standardized products. In general, standardized product orders are relatively large in volume, with low gross profit and fierce competition. The orders for non-standardized products are relatively small, but the gross profit is relatively high and the competition is relatively small. Standardized products are generally not in stock, but are improved on the basis of existing products after receiving customer orders, and finally provide customized products to customers. Unlike mass customization, custom switching power supplies are more custom-made in small quantities, in order to better control costs and quickly provide customers with low-cost, high-quality customized products. This requires the company to have agile product development design capabilities and raw material procurement capabilities.
"2012-2020 China's switching power supply industry in-depth evaluation and investment prospects report" also shows that because the switching power supply industry is mainly customized, the company's sales and orders are closely combined, so sales behavior occurs before the product manufacturing. At the same time, the development of standard products to the market and customers, actively expand the electronics industry customers, showcase the company's research and development design capabilities, production scale and quality management capabilities become an important means of corporate sales. At present, the way in which the switching power supply industry expands its sales channels mainly includes participation in industry exhibitions, promotion of professional print media and industry websites, and mutual recommendation of customers. The acquisition of quality customer resources is the most direct manifestation of the company's strength.       

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