The development of LED power supply, promote the breakthroug

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The development of LED power supply, promote the breakthrough of LED key detection technology
 After two years of unremitting efforts, the semiconductor lighting technology project “High-power LED key detection technology and benchmark system development” of Zhejiang Province’s major scientific and technological projects with independent intellectual property rights has been successful.
Semiconductor lighting (LED) is an international frontier and a new type of lighting technology. It is considered to be a new generation of light source in the 21st century. It has outstanding advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection and long service life. The development of LED power supply has promoted breakthroughs in key LED detection technologies. The latest efficiency of LED has reached 8 times that of incandescent lamps and 3 times that of fluorescent lamps. The experts of the acceptance group said that if LEDs replace all incandescent lamps and partially replace fluorescent lamps, China's lighting power saving can reach more than 100 billion kWh per year, which is equivalent to the total amount of power generated by the Three Gorges Project. Therefore, developed countries such as Europe and the United States have launched national LED projects and fully developed related technologies.
However, due to the special optical and electrical properties of LEDs, it makes great challenges for researchers in various countries in accurate metering and quality measurement. At present, the measurement error of international LED terminal applications is greater than 10%, and this problem has become the goal of countries to compete for.
The Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province timely deployed the “High Power LED Key Detection Technology and Benchmark System Development” research project. Zhejiang University Optical Institute and Hangzhou Yuanfang Optoelectronic Information Co., Ltd. undertook this task. After two years of research, the problems involved in the project have been solved one by one. Among them, many technologies such as large dynamic LED luminous flux measurement, LED light flux analysis and LED space color distribution have applied for national patents, and LED standard calibration source technology has been achieved. The international leading level, distributed photometer products have been included in the 2006 national key new products by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The benchmark test system has been adopted by the provincial technical supervision bureau and multinational companies, and exported to Europe and the United States.
The development of LED power supply has promoted the breakthrough of LED key detection technology... The acceptance expert said that the successful development of the project marks an important step forward in China's LED industry infrastructure and has become the fifth after the United States, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. A country with independent intellectual property rights to the project.       

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