China LED patent breakthrough MOCVD equipment mass producti

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 China LED patent breakthrough MOCVD equipment mass production
 Among the high-end LED devices, MOCVD is the most critical equipment in the production process of high-brightness LED chips. The market has been monopolized by European and American companies due to the high technical difficulty of equipment, long development cycle and late start of domestic industrialization.
Although China has made significant achievements in the scale and quality of LED epitaxial chips and packages, the proportion of localization of products has increased significantly, but key equipment, especially mass production type MOCVD, still relies on imports, and production costs remain high, which seriously restricts the LED industry. development of.
Recently, China's first MOCVD (Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment) equipment with international advanced technology level was successfully launched in Zhengtai Group Shanghai Zhangjiang Ideal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., and signed with world-renowned Taiwan-based leading enterprises. This move broke the long-term monopoly of high-brightness LED chip equipment production by European and American companies, and made a solid step in the localization of major equipment.
In September 2019, Ideal Energy launched the MOCVD project, and in a short period of two years, designed and developed MOCVD equipment with independent intellectual property rights, and completed the first generation of single-cavity independent equipment and high-output cluster production. The production assembly of the system successfully achieved the illumination of the GaN-based LED epitaxial wafer.
After nearly one year of operation of the prototype of the equipment, its performance has reached or exceeded the predetermined target, and passed the acceptance of the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission in May 2019. Based on the process verification results and customer feedback, the second generation mass production MOCVD equipment was developed on the basis of the first generation prototype. The single cavity can produce 84 2 inch epitaxial wafers at one time, exceeding the mainstream imported equipment. Mass production models have significantly improved in terms of output rate, reliability, and economics of operation, and have applied for 20 domestic and foreign patents.     

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