The development of LED power industry is inseparable from le

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The development of LED power industry is inseparable from leading enterprises
As a new industry, LED power has been favored by various capitals in recent years. All the capitals have rushed into the LED industry. In 2020, the domestic LED industry investment amounted to 217.9 billion yuan, a record high. Of course, due to the characteristics of the LED industry itself, many entrepreneurs with insufficient funds have chosen LED downstream applications as a starting point, and the scale is not large.
At present, the SMEs in the LED power industry are facing tremendous pressure and even difficulties. Compared with large enterprises that continue to receive a large amount of government subsidies and even dizzying engineering orders, most SMEs that are rejected outside the listing are in the dark. While sighing "unfairness", I have to face the icy reality of lack of technology and funds. Where is the future path of change for small and medium-sized LED companies? How to find the positive energy of small and medium-sized enterprises?
In fact, there are always two aspects of the development of things. The current stage of LED power industry development is the time to differentiate, promote technological innovation, improve management and cost control capabilities. To some extent, small businesses are facing new ecology. In the environment, it is even more adaptable than big companies. Entrepreneurs with a sense of crisis and self-motivation can find their own direction if they are integrated or shuffled in the industry. Even if the company has limited resources, it can capture opportunities in a timely manner.
First of all, compared with large enterprises with rich financial resources and all-powerfulness, SMEs should pay more attention to the focus and professionalism of resource investment, not investing in chaos, or blindly investing in unfamiliar areas. Those big companies with strong self-confidence think that they can do well in 36 trips, but SMEs seem to be more important to keep their core things, because for SMEs, how to survive is the key, this is the key This means that every step of the way, the risk is minimized.
At the same time, focus on the path of specialization and differentiation. Including continuing to improve the cost performance of products, improve product quality, increase product added value, and constantly develop new products suitable for market needs. In particular, we must pay attention to "differentiation", form our own characteristics in a certain field, and be good at "survival in the market," which is obviously very important for SMEs; for example, the outstanding performance of some chip companies in green light; For example, companies that focus on professional lighting, such as plant and agricultural lighting, freezer lighting, etc., are increasingly being valued by some SMEs.
In addition, understanding the market and identifying market demand are also indispensable; in particular, for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited resources, innovation can be primitive “innovation” or innovation on the shoulders of giants. Learning is nothing to be wrong. Just like a big company like Toyota in Japan, it has also become the world's most watched automobile group from the shoulders of giants. But learning is ultimately going to be beyond some aspects.
At present, in addition to "strong alliance", "strong and weak alliance" or "weak weak alliance" is also a good idea, SMEs can choose to be a supporting enterprise of large enterprises with market channels, and tie themselves together with the interests of large enterprises. Of course, the premise is that there are quality products and corresponding technical capabilities, and it is better to have their own special products in certain fields, which is more likely to be favored by large enterprises. As a small and medium-sized enterprise, it is also a "shortcut" to strengthen communication with large enterprises, find common ground, and form cooperation and win-win.
The development of the entire industry of LED power supply is inseparable from the leading enterprises, but at the current stage, the strength of small and medium-sized LED enterprises with a long-term vision and unique features is also indispensable, especially for the application industry that is about to usher in great development. It is said that it is the season when hundreds of thousands of sails are rushing, and the prospects of SMEs can still be grasped.       

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