The 14th Guangzhou International LED Power Show opened on M

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 The 14th Guangzhou International LED Power Show opened on March 1
  The 14th Guangzhou International LED Exhibition will be held in Guangzhou from March 1-4. The exhibition attracted more than 1,050 exhibitors from home and abroad including National Star, Hongli, Lehman, Skyworth, Konka and Ai Biessen.
Benefiting from a series of industrial support policies, China's LED lighting industry has a huge potential market. According to statistics, from 2009 to 2018, the compound growth rate of market size reached 43.58%. It is expected that by 2018, the scale of China's LED lighting market is expected to reach 73 billion people.
At present, the LED lighting industry has been listed as one of the most important emerging strategic industries in Guangdong. In order to promote the construction of the emerging industry standardization system and enhance its competitiveness in the new round of industrial development, Guangdong Province has formulated a standard system plan and roadmap for the development of LED lighting emerging industries. The roadmap focuses on industry characteristics, planning the revision and implementation of standards, and proposes research, development, revision and implementation guidelines for key technical standards in the coming years.   
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