LED power flux reaches 8.8 lumens

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 LED power flux reaches 8.8 lumens
 Ansan City, Korea March 11, 2018, Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a Korean professional LED packaging company. Seoul Semiconductor Corporation has released a newly developed 0.6T side-emitting LED with a luminous flux of 8.8 lm. The highest brightness, which occupies the fast-growing smartphone and tablet market.
- 0.6T side-emitting LED luminous flux reaches 8.8 lumens, 10% higher than conventional side-emitting LEDs
- 0.6T side-emitting LEDs are suitable for applications requiring high brightness, high efficiency mobile phones and flat panel display products
Seoul Semiconductor uses high-efficiency chips to develop the world's highest brightness and efficiency 0.6T side-emitting LEDs, and uses unique packaging technology and phosphor design to enhance the visibility of smartphones and tablets in outdoor environments during the day. Achieved energy saving issues. The company expects that this advanced product will replace 0.8mm, 0.4mm side-emitting LEDs in the near future.
Seoul Semiconductor Co., Ltd. has successfully mass produced 1.0mm side-emitting white LEDs in 2002, and has introduced 0.8mm, 0.6mm and 0.5mm side-emitting LEDs to the world's leading mobile phone and tablet manufacturers. With the continuous accumulation of excellent LED technology, Seoul Semiconductor has launched a variety of high-end smart products for the global tablet market.   

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