The advantages of LED fluorescent lamps are outstanding.

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 The advantages of LED fluorescent lamps are outstanding.
  At present, the number of LED fluorescent lamps in the lighting market is increasing. Compared with incandescent lamps, LED fluorescent lamps have long energy-saving and long life, and are almost maintenance-free, which is very popular among consumers.
       The brightness of LED fluorescent lamps is especially softer and more acceptable. The service life is more than 50,000 hours, the power supply voltage is AC85V-260V (AC), no starter and ballast are needed, the startup is fast, the power is small, there is no stroboscopic, it is not easy to see fatigue, and its super energy saving is more environmentally friendly. .
       In addition, the installation of LED fluorescent lamp is relatively simple. It is divided into two types: built-in and external. When the LED fluorescent lamp built in the power supply is installed, the original fluorescent lamp is removed and replaced with the LED fluorescent lamp, and the ballast and the starter are removed, so that 220V AC mains can be directly added to the ends of the LED fluorescent lamp. The external LED lamp of the power supply is usually equipped with a special lamp holder, and the original one can be used.
       LED fluorescent light green environmentally friendly semiconductor light source, soft light, pure spectrum, is conducive to people's vision protection and health.   

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