Rationalized configuration of communication power supply sys

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Rationalized configuration of communication power supply system
The rationalization of the power supply system must pay attention to the following points:
(1) In the AC power supply system, the automatic switching device is gradually promoted, and the mechanical manual switching function is provided for emergency use. In the large-capacity (above 2000kVA) AC power supply system, it is recommended to use two sub-power supply systems for power supply (transformer and oil machine) to supply power separately. The sub-power supply systems use the communication cabinets as spares, and the oil machine should not be used in parallel. Important sites (such as hub offices, data centers, IDC centers, etc.) should strive to introduce high-voltage lines from two different substations to improve power supply reliability. Since the large-capacity low-voltage circuit breaker generally does not leave spare parts, once it is damaged, it is judged that the cause of the fault and the repair time are long. The emergency plan should be started in time to temporarily connect the temporary power supply with the temporary cable (to eliminate the short-circuit factor), so as to avoid the lack of time. The event of battery discharge occurs.
(2) The capacity of a single set of high frequency switching power supply should not be too large. The number of power modules to be powered on should be determined according to the environment and the fault conditions. The station with overall destructive factors (such as mains overvoltage) should not be installed. The battery charging current is limited to 0.1C10. The rated current of the DC fuse should be no more than 2 times of the maximum load current to ensure that the fuse is blown in time when the load terminal is short-circuited, so as to avoid a large instantaneous drop in the output voltage of the entire DC power supply system.
(3) The large-capacity UPS is a difficult point in power supply maintenance management. The “N+1” parallel mode should be preferred for networking. The maintenance department must design and review and install the maintenance department to participate in the whole process. Pay attention to the following issues: UPS main road and side The power supply of the road is preferably powered by two air switches respectively; if the UPS output zero ground voltage is too high, the network data packet loss rate will increase. Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce the UPS output zero ground voltage to below 1V; 2V valve-controlled sealed battery; for UPS equipment, it should focus on important indicators such as input power factor and harmonic content, especially to coordinate with the oil machine, the ratio of oil machine capacity to UPS capacity should be more than 2 times, to ensure oil Both the machine and the UPS can work normally.
(4) As a backup power source, the diesel generator set must ensure a good standby state. The rated capacity of the telecommunication system to select the oil machine is generally taken as the standby power. When using it, it should be noted that the full load should be controlled within 1 hour, and the long-term operation should be used at 90% of the standby power. The engine power and generator ratio should be at least 1.1. The generator is preferably a permanent magnet or DVR model, which can effectively avoid harmonic interference of the load. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the oil machine can fully play its role. The design should consider the electrical interlock between the oil machine and the commercial power supply. Consider the oil room ventilation, smoke exhaust, shock absorber and noise elimination, and also maintain regular maintenance and Test the machine, often check the starter battery and automatic pumping system and so on.
(5) The battery is the core of the backup power supply on the telecommunications network. According to the requirements of the maintenance procedures, a set of operating procedures for battery capacity test and verification capacity test shall be prepared. The battery capacity test equipment shall be purchased and purchased, including battery capacity tester, mobile dummy load, mobile charger, and battery bill. The body is activated and equipped to the maintenance stations in each area. In the future, Fuzhou local network will gradually carry out capacity test and verification test on the online battery, hoping to eliminate the hidden troubles caused by the battery. For some access point batteries, long-term discharge of small currents often leads to the problem of backward battery. It is advisable to adopt the method of adjusting the automatic floating charge of the rectifier, adjusting the number of power-on modules and periodically conducting the capacity test. ideal.
The management of communication power should be continuously explored and improved according to technology development, management development and practical feedback. The ultimate goal is to continuously improve management and improve equipment operation reliability.    

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