The development trend of modern power technology

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The development trend of modern power technology
      1. Digital and diversified. With the development and maturity of digital technology, modern power supplies are increasingly moving toward digital. The use of digital technology can reduce the high frequency harmonic interference and nonlinear distortion of the power supply, and at the same time facilitate the digital control of the CPU.
       Modern power supplies have good EMC characteristics, and the high-frequency harmonic power generated by them is gradually reduced, which reduces the "pollution" of the environment and enhances the anti-jamming performance of the power supply itself.
      2. Green and miniaturized. Low power consumption, low pollution, low current, high efficiency, and high integration have become the mainstream of modern power technology. The development of power technology also depends on the development of electronic components and integrated circuits.
      3. Modular and intelligent. Power technology modularity includes power unit modularity and output unit modularity. The new switching power supply integrates its power switch tube and various output protection modules to further reduce the size of the switching power supply. The output voltage regulator circuit is modular, making the power supply more flexible, convenient and intelligent in practical applications.    

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