LED power drive circuit technology overview

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LED power drive circuit technology overview
    1, the programmable technology of the driver
    A significant feature of the LED as a light source is its ability to maintain lumens efficiency even at low drive currents. At the same time, for the RGB polymorphic light to form white light, a digital RGB hybrid control system for LEDs has been developed. The user can adjust the brightness, color and hue of the LED in a wide range, giving a new visual enjoyment. In the urban landscape lighting application, the LED light source can be changed according to different modes under the control of the microprocessor, forming a dynamic effect of the night, which will reflect the uniqueness of the LED relative to other light sources. Competitive advantages.
    2, the efficiency of the power supply and drive circuit
    LED power supply and drive circuit must have a certain forward current output close to constant current required by LED, and have higher conversion efficiency. Electro-optical conversion efficiency is an important factor in semiconductor lighting, otherwise LED will be lost. The advantage of energy saving is that the current commercial switching power supply has an efficiency of about 80%. As a power source for semiconductor lighting, its conversion efficiency still needs to be further improved.
    3, voltage conversion technology
    Power supply is an important part of the reliability and adaptability of LED light sources. At present, the mains electricity in China is 220V AC, and the LED light source is a semiconductor light source, which is usually powered by DC low voltage. This requires an AC-DC conversion circuit in or outside of these lamps to adapt to the characteristics of LED current drive. At present, the power supply selection methods include switching power supply, high-frequency power supply, and capacitor rectification and rectification power supply. Various options are selected according to different requirements such as current stability, transient overshoot, and safety and reliability.
    4, the life and cost of the power supply and drive circuit
    In terms of LED life, although the life of a single LED itself is as long as 100,000 hours, its application must be matched with a power conversion circuit. Therefore, the overall life of an LED lighting device must be considered from the optoelectronic integration application. However, for lighting LEDs, in order to meet the matching requirements, the life of the power supply and the drive circuit must exceed 100,000 hours, making it no longer a bottleneck factor for semiconductor lighting systems. Considering long life and not adding too much cost, the life and cost of power supply and drive circuit should not exceed one-third of the total cost of lighting system. In the early stage of semiconductor lighting products development, power supply must be balanced. The relationship between the life of the drive circuit and the cost.    

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