What are the operating conditions and maintenance methods of

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 What are the operating conditions and maintenance methods of the switching power supply?
     Electronic information technology products have a wide range of applications in our lives. We are inseparable from electronic products, both in life and work. For example, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, LCD monitors, etc. are all indispensable electronic products in our furniture environment. The application of electronic products also includes instrumentation, medical equipment, security monitoring, etc. These electronic products are inseparable from switching power supplies. Without switching power supplies, some of them are not working at all. It can be said that switching power supply is an indispensable power supply method for the electronic information technology industry.
     The operating conditions of the switching power supply are: to operate in the state of a switch, rather than a linear state. To ensure operation at high frequencies, low frequencies are not acceptable. To ensure that the output is DC, AC is not acceptable. During the use of the switching power supply, it is inevitable that damage will occur, and maintenance is required at this time. The first step in repairing is to open the power supply enclosure and check for open circuit. Then smell the smell again, is the detection component burnt?  

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