Notebook power adapter troubleshooting steps

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   Notebook power adapter troubleshooting steps
     The notebook power adapter is one of the most prone to failures, and the all-plastic sealed enclosure is not easy to open, so many people are at a loss when the laptop's power adapter is damaged. In fact, if you want to troubleshoot the power adapter at home, it is not so difficult. Here's how to check the adapter's practical method.
      In the case of a problem with the power adapter, first we need to determine if the contact problem is causing the adapter to malfunction. We can first try to see if the power adapter or laptop battery is in good contact by gently rocking the power connector or the laptop's battery. If the contact is found to be abnormal during the inspection, the cause of the failure may be that the power connector of the computer is deformed or the battery contact is degraded. Do not attempt to reinstall the power adapter or battery.
      After checking the power supply of the notebook and the connector of the battery, if there is no problem, then the second step we need to do is to open the package of the power adapter and then use a multimeter to measure the output voltage of the power adapter or battery. Determine and see if the output voltage is stable and whether the actual output voltage value matches the nominal voltage of the power supply. If the output is unstable or the actual output voltage is very different from the product nominal, replace the damaged power adapter or battery.
       If the output voltage and contact of the power adapter are normal in the above detection steps, the faulty part may not be on the adapter itself, but on the notebook power board or motherboard. This requires the user to send the failed laptop to the maintenance office, open the laptop case and check whether the power board is in good contact with the motherboard. If the power board and the battery are in good contact, you can use the replacement method to check whether the power board is normal. If you find an abnormal situation, you can replace it in time.

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