Weida Yuan Technology Power Adapter Expertise

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   Weida Yuan Technology Power Adapter Expertise
Weidayuan Technology is engaged in professional custom power adapters, which can be customized according to customer requirements. The output power can be produced from 5W to 150W, and can also apply for safety regulations of different countries according to customer needs. The power adapter features are as follows:
1, small size, light weight, streamlined, fully sealed, easy to carry, national plug interchangeable patent design.
2. Appearance patents and new practical patents.
3, very cost-effective, high reliability.
4. Built-in overvoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection.
5. Input characteristics: The current input of different powers is different.
6, start-up time: 3sMax; start surge current: 20A/240VAC Max.
7, output characteristics: constant pressure mode, high precision, low voice. Hold time: 20Ms Min.
8, environment, working temperature: 0 ° C -40 ° C, 5% -90% RH.
9, storage temperature: -20 ° C -85 ° C, 5% -95% RH.
10, cooling method: natural cooling.
11, in line with energy efficiency: ERP / CEC-VI standards.
12. Compliance with ROHS standards.
13. Safety standards: CE, CB, GS, BS, UL, CUL, FCC, NOM, PSE, KC, CCC, SAA, ERP, CEC, DOE, MEPS standards have been adopted. You can also apply for other national safety regulations according to customer needs.
14, plug type plug type: UL / CCC / VDE / BS / SAA / KC / PSE.
15. Desktop pin type: IEC-C6/IEC-8.
16, the average failure: 50,000 hours.

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