The safety of the charger is of paramount importance. How sh

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   The safety of the charger is of paramount importance. How should we choose?
   The charger is an important point in the field of battery charging. How should we choose the charger?
   1. About the promotion options for charging:
   The main one is to choose by two factors. The first one is power. The sufficient power will be the focus of the charging speed increase. The other one is the intelligent output in the current. The intelligent output can disintegrate the current limit of the digital device. And at the charging speed and safety. The smart current output also has a very important point. Its main principle is that it can detect how much current is needed by the connected charging device and provide the corresponding current. Therefore, he can break through the current limit through the most suitable output of the current, and achieve the best charging current of the access device such as the mobile phone during charging, so that it can make the charging speed reach the best peak value.
   2. Does the digital device have a current limit:
   Many digital manufacturers have restrictions on the charging current of their own products, that is, they must use the original charger to charge, otherwise the current input will be rejected. In terms of security, this setting is very good, but in terms of convenience, it is extremely unhumanized. In this case, we can choose to choose with a smart current output.
   3, charger appearance material selection:
   The appearance of the charger is generally selected, and the anti-high temperature fireproof material is used as much as possible, which is more conducive to damage caused by the charger being used for too long. If the inferior material is used for charging, it will be easy to have a direct melting of the outer shell when it is heated for a long time.
    4, the charger's current power selection:
   The input of the general mobile phone charger is 5V1A, which is the current power required by 5W. The tablet computer basically uses the current input of 5V2.1A, so its current power is 10.5W. There are also a lot of chargers on the market. Actually, the power is completely insufficient. It only meets a certain power output on the output of the interface, but the power does not reach the corresponding value. So you have to choose between the power.
   5. About current and voltage overload protection:
   The main function of the current-voltage overload protection function is to perform a function of automatically stopping the current and voltage due to excessive voltage during charging. If the current and voltage exceed a certain limit, the charger will stop working, of course, if the current is violent. In the case of increase, it is not excluded that the charger will be directly damaged. However, in such a case, the current-voltage overload protection also serves as a point of protection for the device in charge, so it is also necessary to take this into consideration in the purchase.
   6, convenience considerations, more than one machine to choose:
   There are more and more digital devices such as mobile phones. In many cases, we often fully charge a mobile phone charger or a tablet charger on a single plug. That is, in our case, is this charging method really OK? Then if there are more devices that need to be charged, what should you do? Therefore, a convenient choice for the charger is chosen later, which should be in multi-port charging.

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