PSE certification and PSE certification diamond and round lo

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   PSE certification and PSE certification diamond and round logo
PSE certification is a mandatory safety certification in Japan. The full English version of PSE certification is called Product Safety of Electrical Appliance & Materials. For the PSE-certified power adapter, the corresponding AV product standard IEC60065 and the IT product standard IEC60950 are the latest regulations: J60065 H23 and J55013 H22 version, because Japan is also a member of the CB system, PSE certification testing is based on IEC standards, plus some Japanese PSE certification difference test. Therefore, PSE is also used to prove that electronic products are tested by the Japanese Electric and Raw Materials Safety Law. DENAN also passes the safety standard test of the international IEC standard. The PSE certification mandatory product certification is tested by a third-party laboratory and then audited and issued by a Japanese agency.
In 1995, Japan promulgated the Electrical Product Control Law: DENTORL. In order to adapt to the relevant principles of the WTO, this regulation no longer follows the principle of wrong party liability, but uses the consistent practice of the CB system members such as the European Union and the United States: the principle of fault liability The product safety responsibility party is defined as the product manufacturer, importer, distributor, etc. Japan, April 1, 2001: The Electrical Product Control Act DENTORL officially changed its name to the Electrical Product Safety Act DENAN, replacing the original T mark and other marks, replacing it with the PSE mark, and strengthening the penalties for importers. Different from the DENTORL system of electrical product control law, the government no longer issues certificates directly. The DENAN system of the Electrical Product Safety Law will be guaranteed by unofficial institutions. That is to say the electrical and raw material safety law: DENAN it officially replaced the previous DENTORL
Power adapter PSE certification
DENAN mainly divides control products into Class A and Class B power adapters belonging to Class A products.
Class A includes more than one hundred products, mainly power adapters, power cords, fuses, switches, transformers, ballasts, etc. Class A products must obtain government compulsory certification, the T mark, which can only be issued by MITI Japan Ministry of International Trade and Industry. For designated electrical equipment and materials, the diamond must have a PSE mark on the label, and 112 items for special electrical appliances and materials must be enforced by the Authorized Evaluation Unit ACAB for mandatory third party verification. The diamond PSE mark can only be attached to the manufacturer after obtaining the certificate of conformity.
Class B includes more than 300 products, mainly lighting, household appliances, office equipment and so on. The conformity of Class B products must be self-declared or applied for third-party certification. Other electrical equipment and materials products, non-special electrical appliances and materials manufacturers, if you ensure the safety structure of the product according to the safety requirements of the electrical safety law, you can put a circular PSE mark on your own.
Category C: Voluntary Certification S Mark, Japan S Mark is a voluntary product safety mark based on the IEC standard for coordinating Japanese differential testing. The S logo was originally developed by Japan's two semi-official organizations, the Japan Quality Assurance Association and the Japan Electrical Safety and Environmental Technology Laboratories. roll out. Currently headed by the Steering Council of Safety Certification for Electrical and Electronic Appliances and Parts of Japan. It includes more than 50 government agencies, manufacturers, importers, retailers, certification bodies and consumers. The S-mark specification also applies to EMC requirements. At the same time, the first factory inspection and annual factory inspection must be performed. The S mark is based on the IEC standard.
PSE certification is called “fitness check” in Japan, and PSE certification is a mandatory market access system for Japanese electrical appliances. Japan is a country with a complicated security system. Foreign products that want to enter the Japanese market will face higher thresholds. Therefore, the threshold for PSE certification is relatively cumbersome for some countries.

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