QA/QC Inspector
1, Responsible for the detection of power products;
2, Cleaning and routine maintenance of inspection equipment and tools;
3, Keep the laboratory clean and tidy;
4,  Improvement and improvement of testing items;
5, Preparation of monthly quality work report.
1, Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, inspection or chemical engineering.
2, More than one year of work experience.
3, Master and familiarize with the basic testing methods of electronic products.
4, computer operation is proficient, master the basic attribute knowledge of inventory materials and knowledge of quality requirements.
Director of sales
1, Responsible for the strategic analysis, strategic positioning, business structure, operation mode, competition strategy, implementation planning and other aspects of the power adapter business sales system according to the company's performance objectives;
2, Guide and control the direction and progress of sales work, and be responsible for the performance of this business module;
3,Responsible for the construction and organization management of sales teams in various regions, leading the sales team to develop the company's cell storage sales business and reach corresponding indicators to establish an in-depth sales system;
4, Determine the company's customer policies and develop customer partners with market competitiveness;
5, Cooperate with various departments such as the market to carry out product promotion, strengthen brand building, and jointly accomplish the overall strategic goals of the company.
1, The major in electronic engineering is preferred, with a bachelor degree or above.
2, More than 1 year of national marketing or senior marketing management experience, work experience in electronics and other industries is preferred;
3, Ability to have a holistic view, good communication and coordination, analysis and problem solving;
4,Excellent team building and management skills, successful channel development experience and rich customer resources are preferred. 
5,good professional ethics, a strong sense of professionalism, consistent with the company's values.
Research and development engineer
1, Responsible for R&D and design of new products such as power adapters;
2, Responsible for collecting, sorting and analyzing the information of related products;
3, Responsible for following up the sample production of new products;
4,  Responsible for evaluating suppliers and checking the production process of products;
5, Follow up the whole process of new product development.
1, Bachelor degree or above, 2 years of work experience or above, work experience in project research and development, familiar with electronic product development, and have priority in leading project team experience;
2,Familiar with the R&D process of electronic products and familiar with relevant regulations and standards;
3,love R & D work, has a certain ability to withstand pressure;
4, Have certain ability to innovate and be able to analyze and solve problems independently;
5, Have good communication and communication skills.